Project Status on VB5 based app for Radio Shack WX-200 Electronic Weather Station.

This project was born of the desire to learn to program on the PC platform. It was helped by others providing the bulk of the info on the data stream from the WX-200.

I am writing a VB5 app to nearly replace the app that comes with the Weather Station. My goals are to:

An easy access interface in a tray icon

Allow configuration of unit of measure to be displayed. You can even select to display what the WX-200 is set for

Display of WX-200 recorded highs and lows.

Hourly ftp update of weather data to web site

Receive, process and store the weather data

Allow setting of alarms

Write data in format the AccuWeather software understands so as to still have access to graphing tools.

What it will not have is the AccuWeather service software. It will also be a 32bit app so as to use CPU time more efficently.

Here is what the popup menu looks like currently.

This is likely to change as the program continues to grow.

Some additiional features include replacing 0mph wind with "Calm" and providing compus rose direction names (N,S,E,W,etc) for wind diection.

The "At a Glance" option will be a window with all the weather conditions displayed all at once. This will also be accessable by double clicking on the task bar icon.